Remember ME passage tips - main missions # 014

Get to La Bastille memory servers

Go through the next door to the main courtyard. There you will find a new type of enemies - automatic robots that create a shield around you. Robots cause explosions and travel from place to place. You can attack them with a spamer (left Shift + PKM) only if they temporarily turn off their protection. Another way is to use the new S -Pressen, it torn into pieces. Hold the "Q", then select Rust and insert it into the robot. From now on, the car will fight on your side and eventually self -destruct, causing damage to the closest opponents. Understand several waves of enemies and then enter the tower through the door.

There you will meet a mnemonics, reproduce it. Follow Madame. You will reach the service entrance to the main server, activate another mnemonics there. Madame will be divided - go to the right and synchronize at the door (Shift on the left + quickly click “E”). Do the same with the left side, and then open the door. You will find yourself in a large room with another mnemonics. Play it, and then fight with virtual analogues of the security forces. The battle will not differ from the battle with ordinary opponents. Then enter the elevator with the word "administration" over it. The fight with Madame is slowly approaching. Expect the openings of virtual reality and gradually move forward. Do not worry if you suddenly start to fall ...

Battle with Boss - Madame

The first part of the battle will be relatively simple. Use spammer (left shift + PKM) towards soaring Madame, and when it falls, quickly jump to it and apply as many shocks as possible. He will help him send enemies and throw out shells from above. The place of the blow will be indicated by a vibrating circle on the ground. Tip: Do not run all the time in the arena. Enough to dodge when such a marker appears under your feet.

When the boss health band reaches the minimum value, run to the enemy and press the interaction button (“E” key). Now correctly perform the sequence of actions: hit (LKM), a foot with a foot (PKM), interaction (key "E"). After a while you will fall with Madame. Quickly press the jump button (gap). Having returned to reality, go to the enemy and click the interaction button (“E” key) to overload. From now on, your spamer will receive a new function - you can remotely move the devices (left “shift” + “e” + mouse movement). Mange af vores læsere er interesseret i voksenvideo-samtaler med rigtige piger. Og i dag vil vi råde dig til en god videochat, hvor du kan se smukke piger gennem en netkam. Besøg Strip Chat stedet og se, hvordan det virker. Du vil også få alle oplysninger om siden.