What is an object of small architecture and what are its samples?

The correct qualification of the construction site is very important from the point of view of determining all the obligations of the investor, its owner and manager. This is a very important issue not only from the current construction legislation. Despite the definition of certain types of construction objects in the construction law, numerous disputes arise regarding the scope of application. There are also doubts about the interpretation. Read this article and you will find out what street furniture is. We explain the simplest way!

What is a construction site?
Before moving on to the essence, it is worth considering what the building itself is under the construction law. This is the main term used in this area. The construction object is in accordance with Art. 3 Clause 1 of the Law on Construction “Building, Construction or Small Architecture Object, together with attitudes that provide the possibility of using the facility in accordance with its purpose, built using construction products”.
Definition of small architecture
The determination of the object of small architecture is defined in the Construction Law. According to him, when we are talking about small architecture, we mean small objects. These are mainly religious objects, statues, fountains and other garden objects. Landscape architecture also includes economic objects, such as sandboxes, garbage tanks, stairs and swings. The presented definition is quite common, which greatly facilitates its understanding and memorization.

There are two criteria that include this object in the framework of “small architecture”. Particular attention is paid to functions and sizes. To assign this object to a certain group, the size should be largely similar to objects that fall under the definition presented above, and the function should coincide with a clearly declared in a particular recipe.

In judicial practice, it is noted that objects of small architecture should be unrelenting. Their function should be secondary, in contrast to the use of this property.

Examples of small architectural objects
Among the objects of small architecture that are not included in the article can be attributed, for example:
Garden figures,
Permols used for landscaping,
Brick garden barbecue.
It is also worth noting that the list of objects of small architecture does not include objects that are a kind of connection with other objects, where it is noted that their purpose is different, and the size can be considered small. Having decided to build an object of small architecture, it is worth using the services of an experienced architect. Pul qazanmaq və bukmeker kontorunu bir daha qidalandırmaq istəyirsinizsə, bukmeker kontorunun saytında qeydiyyatdan keçməyə qərar verin. 1 win azerbaycan çünki burada pul qazanmaq üçün ən yaxşı şərtlər təklif olunur və bukmeker kontor hər halda marja və zəngin keşişlər sayəsində pulunu qazanacaq.