How to expand the space of a small apartment

Many people are crowded in small-sized apartments, however, even such a small room with proper layout and design will be spacious and big! The main thing is the creative approach and compliance with some rules. So, how to properly expand the space of small apartments?

A good way is to combine premises. If there is a desire, we can combine your rooms into one - in the end you will get a large space that can be divided, for example, mobile partitions, both transparent and not, or leave as it is.

Now it has become fashionable to combine the bedroom and the bath - this is, of course, it is convenient, however, then there will be an increased humidity in the bedroom, and this is minus such a solution. It is better to combine the bath and the toilet - the space will become big, and you can use it more rationally. By the way, if there is a loggia in your apartment, you can spend money on its arrangement - interior design under the living room, thermal insulation and heating of the room. As a result, you can get a rather cozy room room.

Generally speaking, think about whether all the square meters of your apartment are used as purpose? Many premises have recesses, protrusions, niches that turned out during the construction of the house. For example, niches are perfect for embedded cabinets. Rate the size of your kitchen - do you need a large space? If not, you can combine part of the kitchen with other rooms, expanding the living room or the office, or even get another room!

The delimitation of the premises - the occupation is quite interesting, and not only the walls help to divide the space. You can use partition or width for these purposes, glass aquariums to ceiling, or even a bar counter! Such elements of the interior look original and perfectly perform the function of separation of space.

Furniture strongly lands small rooms, so it is relevant to use folding and sliding elements. It can be folding folding beds, retractable tables. If you could not find suitable furniture, then many firms will make it to order.

An interesting idea of ​​the separation of the bedroom and the living room is a division with a dressing room. In fact, this is a large multisective cabinet, one of the doors of which is the entrance to the bedroom.

Such a dressing room takes all the space to the ceiling and from the wall to the wall. The light perfectly visually expands the space. For example, a mirror that occupies most of the floor from the floor to the ceiling will create the illusion of a large space, as well as fill the room with light. Generally speaking, the lighting is one of the main interior factors, with the correct layout of the lighting devices, the room will take an exquisite view. Crystal interior elements will reflect the light by discarding the glare, which will also visually expand the space. Visit our website and get exclusive sign up free spins and no deposit real money bonuses