Where to buy a resume? 

What is a resume?

The resume is one of the main documents during the recruitment process. It is a basic document for recruiters to select successful candidates. This document lists your work experience, education, skills, and personal data. The resume gives the first impression of you, which is why the document must be written competently and professionally.

The main purpose of the resume is to draw attention at the first meeting, create a favorable impression and encourage a potential employer to invite a candidate for an interview.

To impress recruiters, try to create the most presentable document. 

What’s the resume consist of?

Even if you decide to buy a resume you should understand what it looks like. 

The professional self-presentation should contain such sections:

  • Contact information and personal data (your name, surname, date of birth, marital status, address, and telephone number).
  • The job you’re applying for.
  • Education: both undergraduate and all courses and internships.
  • Professional skills.
  • Work experience. In reverse chronological order, information is given about the dates of employment, name, location, and profile of the company, position, duties.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages. You specify language and degree of knowledge («Proficiency», «Intermediate», «Basic»).
  • Computer skills. 
  • Additional information (availability of travel, car, driver’s license, passport). You can write about your hobbies and personal qualities.

Should you buy a resume?

It takes a long time to get a professional resume. Even if you have time, you need to use a different service to check your spelling and grammar, or to find someone to check your resume. Sometimes it’s easier to buy a resume because the professionals will make it perfect for the position you’re applying for. All the more so since the services of such companies are easily accessible to everyone. If you don’t have time, or if you’re not sure you can create a professional resume, just buy it.