Still not bite: Overview The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Video games today, perhaps, the most diverse sphere of human creativity. Submit what is a movie, or music, with all the variety of these things, is easier than drawing the image in the head of what is a video game, because this word label such unlike each other's projects, like, say, Pac-Man, Microsoft Flight Simulator And Soma. Combining the various possible components of video games in different proportions, and based on various ideas, developers have the ability to create various impressive projects. Take, for example, the plot component. In a large part of the games, it is generally absent, whereas are in the first place. All TELTALE GAMES projects can be attributed to the latter, and then the studio's business card is a series of The Walking Dead.
The final game of the series and the latter in the company in general (Telltale Games went bankrupt in 2018) was The Walking Dead: The Final Season. And although Telltale again filed signs of life and, moreover, it is planning a new part about the walking dead, but it is not clear how it will end, and, no matter how cool is a slightly different story. And now let's look at what the winned song of Pristine Teltale Games came out.
Having released two episodes of TellTale's episode finally went bankrupt and the last two episodes were issued by the joint efforts of the former employees of TellTale, the author of the comic about the walking dead, which became the basis of the game series The Walking Dead, Kirkman and its production company "Skybound Entertainment". All the peripeties associated with financial problems, the closure of the studio and the transfer of the development center did not affect the quality of the technical implementation of the project. The game is high-quality, it began to make a knock-knock, so that with the hands, despite the complex conditions, so that only somehow complete. The game does not freeze, does not fly out - does not create inconvenience to the player. Visual design has classic comic shades. Graphics, eye, stood on a pinch better than in previous parts. Improving minor, but they are, although it is difficult to say what exactly they manifest themselves - the grass is greener, the sky is blue, the faces of the characters have several extra polygons. The only small negative aspect can be called the effect of dimming the visible gaming world at a distance. Considering when you stand next to some kind of wall, you see the brick from which it consists, perhaps certain inscriptions on the wall, but when you go away on a meter of thirty-forty, then it is possible to enjoy the reproduction of the Black Square Malevich's reproduction.
The gameplay in the "walking dead" has never been a chadliner game. "Final season" is no exception. Everything is quite familiar to games like a genre. The lion's share of gameplay is participation in the dialogues where you need to choose one of the four options for answers, or just silent. The statistics of your elections can be viewed at the end of each episode. Here they show what secret objects scattered through the game world, you managed to find during passage, and which are not. Sometimes you enable you to resemble the game world yourself to find someone or something. Sometimes the game represents the action scene, where you need to have time to press on the keyboard / gamepad buttons that are illuminated on the screen. Dnes trh s hazardnými hrami rýchlo rastie. V niektorých krajinách pracuje nelegálne a niekde má oficiálnu licenciu a je pod kontrolou úradov. Slovensko je krajinou, kde je hazard povolený, ale je prísne kontrolovaný. Od roku 2016 si každý hráč môže vybrať akékoľvek licencované kasino online a hrať v ňom úplne legálne. Užívatelia môžu navyše hrať na zahraničných weboch, kde tiež môžu tráviť čas hraním svojich obľúbených hier.