Extraterrestrial Echo (2014). Review

"Extraterrestrial Echo" trailer in Russian does not say enough about the film. Therefore, go straight to watching this wonderful movie and don't be afraid to be disappointed. On all continents, in all countries, viewers give high marks to this picture created by an independent cinema. "Extraterrestrial Echo" reviews are very flattering, and there are reasons for this. This is a story about the last summer of childhood of three American teenagers who are about to part soon. But how memorable it will become! There will be incredible adventures, the rescue of a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization and an incredible rally of friends. Alex, Munch and Tim receive strange messages on their phones. And since neither adults nor the authorities take the stories of teenagers seriously, they have to act independently.<br />
Adults will remember their childhood fantasies and plunge into the atmosphere of mystery and mystery of this world lost in time. And children will be happy to watch a strong, interesting, eventful and emotional story. The budget of the picture, like any independent cinema, was allocated a small one, but the creators managed to make a film in no way inferior to a blockbuster. Here, as nowhere else, the main principle played a role, that the main thing in filmmaking is not large-scale monetary investments, but an idea and intrigue. So, the film not only paid off the budget of the picture, but also brought maximum profit. Moreover, this effect was observed in all countries. The film has value for any audience of viewers and for every person. The picture has everything that should be in a good movie. This is a wonderful family movie that will warm everyone's souls.<br />

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