Tips for passing the game Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy. Passage of the plot # 003

Watch out for the passport on the left. Go to the door and open the castle. Inside one guard. When you deal with him, you will hear the radio communication by the soldier's radio. Go outside and turn left. Go around the shawl to find another passport. Use Bourne Instinct to find destination and get there. On the way you will notice two workers. Use the sprint overclocking (press B during running) to get rid of them. A helicopter will appear trying to kill you. In rooms you can go, there are passports.

Run straight and destroy another soldier. Then turn left and follow the only path available. You will find a passport to the left of the wooden boxes. The helicopter will appear again. It is necessary to hide only for metal objects, because the bullets penetrate into everything else. When it is possible, run straight and jump on the nearest ship, and then to the next platform. Run until you find yourself behind the metal object. Run to the Red Gas Cylinder, and the helicopter will not leave you for a while.

Go to the goal. They are closed, but you can jump on the nearest ship. You will get into the building. Destroy the two guards on their way and get to the second floor, and then to the storeroom. There you will have to fight Solomon for the first time. It looks like a fight with the first "boss". When you figure it out, go out to the street, and you will see a helicopter again. Run straight and shoot in another gas cylinder. Follow the path and you will notice how Solomon knocks out shit from one of the guards. Nevertheless, you can't fight him at this stage. There is a passport from the right of the fence.

Follow the path and use the Born instinct to find enemies. You can have a matter with them the way you want. Then go to the nearest building. Inside the grenade will work, and you will have to fight with four opponents. There is a passport next to the exit. Go straight and then climb the stairs. You will have to kill a few guards here. Going down the stairs, you will find another passport on the left. Go through the room, climb the stairs and through the gate.

You will have to fight with some opponents here. After that you will see an approaching truck. What you need to do now is to bring down a few soldiers, you will learn how to use shooting to Teicdown. Due to strong resistance, you will have to hide behind the building, and then continue shooting. After you figure it out with this, go to the stairs. Go down and quickly shot the guard. You will find three more right around the corner. Behind the door two of them. For the hut to the left of the entrance there is a passport. The site contains the best 100 online casinos in the world