Slot machine dealers in Canada

All gambling enthusiasts know slot machine dealers but almost none of them know their history and the rules that underlie their action. In fact, the slot machine sector in Canada has always been very important and in recent years it has also recorded a great leap forward. Today, gambling is present in our country in various forms that we could summarize as follows: slots, video lottery, sports betting, bingo, drawing games. However, not many know that all this is managed by a single state body called today the Customs and Monopolies Agency which previously had the name of Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS).

This body acts as a certifier of the manufacturers and serves to guarantee the user a positive, safe and reliable gaming experience. Returning to us, gambling is widespread in Canada but its most widespread form is precisely that of slot machines. The reason is soon explained also thanks to the various variables that contribute to its fortune. First of all, gaming with VLTs and slots is present in bars, tobacconists, numerous open-air venues and can also be present in venues that are not strictly used for gaming.

However, these slot machines boast dealers who provide for their construction and take care of all aspects, from licensing to maintenance. These are the VLT concessionaires who, in many cases, are already known to more experienced players as they are often well-known and historical names in gambling or because they manage some trusted online casinos.

Among these there is certainly Lottomatica Videolot Rete SpA . It is the most famous operator in Canada which is very active both on the territory and on the web. The Lottomatica platform includes all imaginable gambling games and is present with slots in bars and gaming halls. These are very popular VLT or NewSlot machines and are present with the BetterSlot brand capable of offering jackpots of up to 500 thousand euros.

Another particularly well-known house is Sisal Slot SpA . This is another historical Canadian name that began its long tradition with horse racing and has come to colonize the world of cabin cruisers which it offers in two models: AWP and VLT.

In third position we see Snaitech SpA , the company known to the general public as Snai, is one of the major gambling concessionaires in Canada. It was purchased in 2015 by Cogetech SpA and is still growing sharply. Its diffusion on the territory counts almost 1,600 agencies and points of sale while the total number of slot machines stands at 50,000 cabinets throughout Canada.

Two other well-known companies in Canada are Codere Network SpA and Gamenet Group SpA . These are two companies, one Spanish and the other Canadian, which have been operating in the sector for years with great results. Together, the two concessionaires boast hundreds of slots in Canada.

Lastly, we have Admiral Gaming , the concessionaire that deals with the Canadian distribution of large Novomatic brand products.