Repair. Is he really terrible?

How many horrors lurks behind this word, almost 90 % of people think so and put it off for later. But there is nothing wrong. It is enough to take the first step and start. Then everything will go like clockwork. The main thing is not to be lazy. So, if you do not have the opportunity to hire a brigade, you will have to do everything with your own hands that is not so scary. Where to begin? - you ask. Start by deciding what exactly you want to get in the end. Next, deal with measurements of the repaired area and carefully write it in a separate notebook. Yes, it is very important that there is a separate notebook. There you will write down all the calculations and a list of purchases for repair, as well as all subsequent costs. Remember to run to the store and spend money on unnecessary nonsense, prepare the repaired room. If you decide to repair the whole apartment, then do not do everything at once, but gradually, one room. If you have not had repairs for ten or more years, remove the wallpaper. They are no longer at all. Look carefully at the wall, in some places a putty can fall off, which means that you can safely make a putty on the purchase list. Take a look at the ceiling. When was he painted last time? And do not think about whitewashing. Nobody has been using her for a long time. Now they began to produce excellent colors. There is one small but, if you decide to change the floors, then it is better not to take risks and hire a team that will qualitatively perform this work for an acceptable price. Since, not knowing how to do this, you can do very badly, and redoing is much more difficult and more expensive. Pay attention to the fact that now to decorate the interior, you can use a special slotted wood thread. We will tell you, you have already decided on what you expect from the repair. It's time to go to the Internet and first look around the shops if there is approximately what you need. If it is there, then you can safely hit the road for shopping. Do not forget about the purchase list. Build tools for work, namely: spatula, brushes, rollers, spatula for smoothing wallpaper, glue. You definitely do not need a roller for smoothing joints, this is an absolutely unnecessary thing that sellers will impose on you. If you decide to change the floors, then do not forget to choose new skirting boards for them, and ask workers to install them, this is not difficult, and therefore inexpensive. The working tools for such work are always their own. Feel you careful when hiring a workers' brigade, do not trust the first to come across, someone must be in the apartment and look after them. If you have an apartment in a new building, then you can safely give the keys and a good brigade will manage quite quickly. It all depends on the scale of your idea. Zdarma nebo registrované české online kasino musí spolupracovat s technickou podporou. Provozní práce specialistů podpůrných služeb je důkazem správného výběru online kasina. České hráče před registrací na stránce zajímá, zda podpora daný jazyk podporuje. Vše o kasinu na našem webu . Pokud poradci mluví jazykem, který je pro hráče pohodlný, je pravděpodobnější, že se na stránce zaregistrují. Online kasina v ČR budou určitě fungovat v českém jazyce. Můžete napsat a specialista podpory vám odpoví v češtině.