Qool-epilation for completely smooth skin

Qool-epilation is a new word in efficient hair removal.

It is based on the process of exposure to the body of the hair with a laser. In case of similarity with all familiar laser hair removal, Qool technology has an explicit difference - the laser affects selectively, and does not affect the skin. It has a lot of advantages, since now the clients of beauty salons do not threaten burns and the formation of scarring on the processed areas (again, unlike laser hair removal). The QOOL-epilation procedure is absolutely painless and extremely effective - some clients noted the appearance of hair only 5 years after processing.

Qool technology is the removal of the hair "cold" method, that is, only hair is heated (selectively), while the skin remains with a constant temperature (36.6). The procedure is effective even on the skin of the Nero-shaped type, not to mention the darkness.

The disadvantage of this type of hair removal is the selective effect on the hair. What does this mean? Each hairs has its own stage of development: growth (antenage), transitional (catagen) and peace (telogen). At the end of the last hair falls, and the follicle begins to revive the process again. So, the laser is valid only for vegetation in the anagena phase, which is only 10-30% of the hair. In other words, 70-90% will not be deleted.

A pleasant bonus for Qool-epilation will be the absence of restrictions: you can sunbathe and take any drugs until the day of the procedure. The only preparatory measure is to pre-break the hair. In this case, you will not get unpleasant sensations.

On the day of processing, do not use any creams and other care products. Ideally, do not apply them from the evening. The fact is that it is not known which components are in the composition of these cosmetics, and how they can affect the results of the hair removal procedure.

In the absence of restrictions, the contraindications of Qool-epilation still exist:

- availability of inflammatory processes in the area of ​​intended processing;

- damage to the skin (wounds, rash);

- allergic to light radiation;

- tumor processes in the body;

- chronic exacerbations;

- pregnancy;

- Lactation.

It should be noted that the results of the hair removal procedure using the new technology are more dependent on the individual characteristics of the body of the client and the genetic predisposition of hair appearance on his body. Fizzslots