Lucky7Bonus is three years old!

This is a very special day in the history of Lucky7Bonus. Indeed, this Wednesday, March 2, 2022, marks our third anniversary. And the least we can say is that in only three years, so many things have been done, but above all, many more things are still to come!

Three years of Lucky7Bonus means three years of tackling the vast world of online casinos from absolutely every angle. Originally an online casino comparison site, we have quickly diversified and now offer reviews of various online casinos, articles on the latest slot machines, and news on this increasingly popular world.

But just like best online casino in India, Lucky7Bonus did not become what it is overnight! Indeed, it is through hard work and perseverance that we have managed to get to where we are today, and that is what this article wishes to highlight. Discover, or rediscover, the origins of Lucky7Bonus, why such a site was created, its evolution with the appearance of the blog part of the many surprises planned for this third anniversary!

Why Lucky7Bonus was born?

It is thus on Saturday, March 2, 2019, that a small site named Lucky7Bonus was born. The main reason for this is the impact and growing popularity of online casinos. Aware of this, our team wanted to take advantage of this to offer a site entirely dedicated to this discipline, especially for enthusiasts, but also, especially for the most neophytes, who wish to launch into online gambling, and thus make them discover this new world, especially by guiding them in the best way and thus avoid any bad surprise.

Our experience in the online casino

In order to provide the best possible guidance and advice to our players, we at Lucky7Bonus have built up a wealth of experience in the field over the course of our existence. At the beginning of the site, we wanted to put this experience into action by offering comparisons of different online casinos.

Indeed, in an ever-expanding environment, it is important to know how to differentiate between a quality online casino and a site where your personal data can be compromised. This is what we wanted to apply our experience to. In the beginning, you have to prove yourself, and as a result, only a limited number of casinos were offered on Lucky7Bonus. However, through hard work and dedication, more and more casinos have been added to the site as it has grown. Recently, you could discover the analysis of casinos like Millionz or MyStake

Each of the online casinos on Lucky7Bonus had its own detailed analysis, covering point by point the different aspects that make an online gambling establishment serious. A work that is not only appreciated by the players, but also by the casinos themselves! In addition to the reviews, we also offer exclusive welcome offers that you won't find anywhere else!

The creation of the blog

In the midst of the many reviews of various online casinos, Lucky7Bonus has added a new string to its bow, by creating a blog section on the site.

Basically, the Lucky7Bonus team is using this new section with the main goal of educating, and teaching as much as possible to newbies about this new world for them that can be difficult to understand. This is why at the beginning, the site offers a lot of articles on the different table games, how a slot machine works, on the vocabulary specific to the online casino world. Tutorials that allow everyone to master the basics of this environment can be complicated to understand at first glance.

You can find the tutorial on blackjack, the one on the different techniques in roulette, or the one that explains how to recognize a fake casino by clicking on the corresponding link.

But just like the whole site, the Lucky7Bonus blog has evolved over the years. Thus, the blog has gone from a learning spirit to a more news-oriented spirit. The goal is to inform but without forgetting to try to be as educational as possible, in order to address a larger number of people. Thus, in the middle of the tutorials, articles have appeared on the news of the online casino, but also on its history embodied by the character Matoupris, on the new games and slot machines to come.