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Send Free Text Using Internet. For your talent shows like American Idol or The Voice, the audience can text their vote and choose a winner. SMS polls get great responses and can quickly increase engagement with your audience. In the future, Mei users who opt-in to polling will be able to conduct their own polls.

SMS Poll provides a cost effective and innovative tool that allows us to get feedback from our employees in real time. Accessing this link from within your presentation will activate the first (if poll is stopped) or next (if poll is already running) question and display the corresponding results page.

A poll can be controlled from within a presentation using control links. First, provide the questions: Every question consists of the question itself and one or more answers to it. Type the question into the input-field named Enter question”. For those who don't know it: it is claimed as a scheduling app, but it is a great app for conducting polls in closed communities.

The poll is controlled with the Cockpit Control, see chapter Cockpit Controls for detailed information. Complete your account setup and start adding your first vote to your Powerpoint. By combining an attractive and straightforward design with the right questions, you maximize the success and results of your survey.

The option Hide answers while polling” makes a poll even more exciting and attractive. To vote, your audience simply sends an SMS to a local phone number with the voting number corresponding to the option they would like to vote for as the message. In order to create a poll here, you need to create an event (the event can just be a question or a statement) and then add several options for an answer.

You can select from SMS Voting, Web Voting, or Mobile Browser Voting. In order to create a poll you just need to open your Cockpit. Poll Everywhere - This is the polling software that I use for my classroom and also to present at conferences and events. For the meeting in February, let's make sure to add several time options so that our participants can find the best time.

A keyword is an auto-generated 5 or 6-digit number participants use to respond to an activity without joining the presenter's session. Once you have created an account, it becomes easy to create new polls and ask your circle what they think about A or B. Conducting live polls during a presentation session can help you gather instant feedback and fine tune your presentation on the fly to ensure you can be on top of your game.

Run effective Q&A sessions and engage your team during all-company meetings. Vote: Your audience uses this link to cast votes. Responding via SMS text message with keywords (if enabled) does not require the participant to join the presenter's session, nor does it require the poll to be active.

Prepare your polls in advance or create new ones on the fly. You can create both polls and surveys using templates designed for a number of industries. If you are using an unrestricted poll the system will still give accurate number of votes, though your voters could be voting twice through multiple devices.

Just let the people know until when the poll is available and then easily collect the answers. CloudVOTE allows you to separate the primary presentation from the supplemental content and push it directly to the audience devices independently of the main projector screen, thus creating an immersive second-screen experience.