Civil aviation pilot resume sample

Since the time of ancient Greece, myths about flying have been known. Mankind in all eras has tried to overcome the physical laws of gravity and gravity, starting with the invention of the kite, jumping from roofs with some semblance of wings, constructing balloons and airplanes to the creation of today's supersonic flying machines.

Taking their place in an airliner, passengers unconsciously entrust their lives to a pilot - a specially trained professional who has the knowledge, skills and experience to control airplanes of any purpose (planes, helicopters, etc.).

The professional duties of a civil aviation pilot include:

  • preparation, organization and execution of the flight;
  • control and inspection of piloting equipment;
  • studying the route of forthcoming flight;
  • analysis of information about weather and ornithological conditions;
  • responsibility for safety during the flight;
  • discussion with the crew of actions in case of possible contingencies;
  • use of dispatcher's messages and instructions during the flight;
  • monitoring of instrument readings;
  • suppression of passengers' inappropriate actions;
  • ability to fly using automated systems;
  • reviewing the details of the flight with the crew and management;
  • maintaining and submitting current and report documentation, etc.

In addition, a civil aviation pilot resume must have profound knowledge of the English language and be prepared for continuous retraining and medical examinations.

The importance of excellent physical health, sense of responsibility for human lives, endurance, perseverance, high psycho-emotional stability, quick reaction, developed intuition, keen observation, readiness for constant business trips is especially important to a person who has chosen this profession.

The first step in getting the civil aviation pilot position is getting professional higher education. Then there comes theoretical and practical certification, performance of physical norms, medical commission, and minimum flight time of 150 hours. Only after that a flight certificate is issued as admission to the desired position. After gaining professional experience and completing the required flight hours, a pilot can look forward to the position of commander of an airship. In future career development can take place from the position of a chief pilot to the head of a structural unit of an airline.