Bookmakers without a Swedish license

Even betting shops, not just online casinos with a Swedish license, have chosen instead to invest in the foreign market, or, again, we have to say about some of them. The advantage for you who choose these sites offering sports betting and odds is that you will often find a wider selection of sports in their bookmaker. Sometimes they offer slightly odd sports and many other tournaments among the usual sports offerings, such as soccer. There are also many times more odds to bet on, and they actually offer better odds. For those interested in sports, it can provide a completely different gaming experience when you bet online. In addition, you can usually watch live sporting events, which are not as popular in Sweden. Something that opens up even more chances to bet, as there are often many live odds you can bet on betting sidor utan svensk licens.

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Pay N Play casinos without a Swedish gaming license

Some Swedish players believe that it is impossible to play at Pay N Play Casino without a Swedish gaming license, which is completely wrong. The misconception often arises because using BankID to verify yourself on gaming sites without a Swedish license is impossible. There is a large selection of these Pay N Play casinos outside of Sweden. Also, many of these quick casinos include Trustly as a payment method, and if you have a Trustly account, you can use your BankID.

If we look at most foreign casinos, a gaming account is often required at regular casinos or betting sites where you need to be able to verify that you are who you are. This is usually done with, for example, electricity bills, rent, copies of passports, and the like. This is done to reduce the risk of casinos being used to launder money. But when it comes to Pay N Play, it's like Sweden. It has to be quick to start playing, so methods like Trustly are used. For the concept to work, there has to be what's called instant banking, otherwise the whole idea falls apart.

Casino sites without a license and without registration

As far as casinos without a license or registration are concerned, this is somewhat of a misrepresentation. Whether it's a Swedish licensed casino or a foreign registered casino, they have a license. This means, as we mentioned earlier, that they are not licensed by the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate. However, when it comes to registration, a traditional gaming account at a casino that has a Swedish license thanks to BankID is not required. But you're still registered, even if you don't have to share personal information and more.

If you use BankID, you register through your social security number. You can also register with your cell phone number and email address. It depends on what payment method you use and whether or not a gaming account is required, as for the Pay N Play casinos mentioned above.

Gaming sites with no minimum deposit

This is something that is discussed and asked about online, but a gaming site always requires a certain deposit. If you haven't deposited money, you can't play either. On the other hand, foreign gaming companies do not have the limit that Swedish sites have, a maximum of 5000 SEK per week.

Sometimes it is not the site itself that sets the minimum deposit limit. Many of the available payment methods have a certain minimum limit on the amount you have to deposit in order to use the payment method.

What is becoming more and more common is that the minimum deposit to play is getting lower. This, of course, is a way to attract new players who might just want to give it a try. Note, however, that if you want to take advantage of the bonus, it is the terms of the bonus that determine the amount of the deposit.

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